Filmmaker   |  Photographer |  Visual Artist 
Taylor Noelle was born and raised in Florida and graduated from the Miami International University of Art and Design in 2019, specializing in Digital Film and Video Production. During her time in Miami, she worked on various projects including the award-winning short film Faith Through The Storms as the Assistant Director and served as a host and coordinator of a local film festival, I’M NOT GONNA MOVE TO LA., a platform for local filmmakers to showcase their work. In 2020, she moved to Chicago, where she has worked on various local productions including music videos and professional ad campaigns.
 In 2022, she co-founded a production company, ThornCreek Films, and served as the Assistant Director on the company’s debut short film The Boy Outside. ​​​​​​​
Taylor currently works as a freelance filmmaker & photographer in Chicago. Her photography  has been featured in the Praxis Gallery and in Life Framer and notably demonstrates a cinematic approach, symbolizing a marriage of her two passions.